Law Enforcement Loss Control Associate

Law Enforcement Loss Control Associate

Local Government Insurance Trust


Who We Are


Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) is a member-owned association authorized by state law, wholly owned and managed by its local government members. LGIT’s main purpose is to provide joint self-insurance programs or pools for towns, cities, and counties in the state of Maryland. The concept is simple – rather than paying premiums to buy insurance from an insurance company, local governments contribute those premiums into a jointly owned fund. The money in that fund is used to pay for the members’ claims, losses, and expenses.  LGIT is an equal opportunity employer.  


Interested applicants should submit a resume to no later than March 24.    


Job Summary


The function of this position is to:  provide professional consulting services in law enforcement risk management and loss control analysis to members in order to minimize loss and manage necessary exposure; analyze claims data; create and manage loss control, training, and educational programs; work with other departments on specific claims; and engage in effective communication with membership.


Salary range between $81,000 and $95,000 per year, dependent upon level of experience and expertise.


Core Responsibilities – include but are not limited to the following functions:


  • Maintain current knowledge of programs, operations and trends in the law enforcement, risk management, and loss control related fields.
  • Provide formal and informal advice and counsel to elected and appointed officials, as well as law enforcement professionals, on law enforcement liability, risk management, loss control, and hiring issues.
  • Independently conduct research, analyze data and develop effective loss control programs and training modules, policies and/or procedures for members.
  • Make on-site visits to member law enforcement agencies.
  • Review policies / general orders upon request and recommend changes / additions.  
  • Develop and conduct trainings and workshops.
  • Make presentations on LGIT services and loss control issues to members.
  • Consult with members searching for a new law enforcement executive on issues related to the composition of interview panels and preparation of questions and scenarios for interviews.
  • On an average of 7 to 10 times per month:  visit with members; conduct, participate in or attend conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops; and/or attend meetings of law enforcement or loss control/risk management professionals.  
  • Investigate incidents, complaints, and claims involving our members; in conjunction with  LGIT’s Claims and Legal departments – conduct interviews and review records related to specific matters.
  • Gather and analyze a variety of data related to losses or potential losses, prepare reports and present findings to management and members. 
  • Track and verify member compliance with loss control recommendations.
  • Assist in initiating member law enforcement risk management programs, committees and monitor progress of these programs.
  • Take on special projects involving enhanced services to members and improvements in internal and external business practices by exploring and evaluating options and making recommendations to management and members.
  • Ensure continued professional development to enhance and maintain knowledge of trends in the risk management and loss control fields by attending meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops; maintaining professional affiliations; and reviewing professional journals and other publications as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with:  the Maryland Municipal Chiefs of Police Association, Maryland Sheriff’s Association, Prince George’s County Police Chief’s Association, and any other organizations involving senior management of member law enforcement agencies.
  • Serve as a staff member on LGIT’s Risk Management Committee.
  • Provide service to LGIT members and staff by promptly, courteously, and accurately responding to verbal and written communications.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Qualifications – Education and Experience:


  • Undergraduate degree in criminal justice, political science, public administration, risk management, or related field or an advanced degree in law.
  • Graduation from a Maryland based law enforcement academy is preferred.  
  • Command staff level experience in the law enforcement field, with an emphasis on development training and the implementation of policies and procedures; or any equivalent combination of related training and experience.
  • Current or previous certification as a trainer by the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission.
  • Possess one or more professional designation in the field of law enforcement or risk management and loss control. 
  • Possession of a valid Maryland driver’s license in good standing or the ability to get one within 3 months of employment.


Qualifications – Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:


  • Working knowledge of principles, practices, procedures and philosophies of risk management and loss control; state and federal laws applicable to law enforcement and operations of municipal and or county government; and the structure and operation of government.
  • Written and oral communication skills in order to prepare and present reports, studies, education/training programs.
  • Proficient in:  the use of personal computers, to include Microsoft Office Suite software applications and database management, as well as use of the internet, business machines, and audio-visual equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement programs, training modules and policies; organize materials and make presentations; conduct research and accurately analyze data; conduct investigations and make sound determinations and recommendations; prepare reports and maintain records; communicate effectively with all levels of an organization; maintain confidentiality; and work both independently and as a team member.