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  1. What topics would YOU like to hear the most about? LGIT would like to hear from YOU on session topics for our Regional Workshops.


  3. Please rank the topics below by level of interest. You may provide additional topics at the bottom of the page.

  4. Insurance 101 (inc. Contracts, Insurance Terms, Certificates, Product Lines, Endorsements, etc.)*

  5. Claims 101 (Filing the Correct Incident Reports, Accident Procedures, etc.)*

  6. Special Events/Parades/TULIP*

  7. Community Engagement & Dealing with the Public*

  8. Disaster Planning/Recovery*

  9. EEOC Complaints*

  10. Use of Volunteers*

  11. Insuring Airports*

  12. Cyber Liability*

  13. Available Training Opportunities*

  14. Other topics of interest not listed above.

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