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SURVEY 2014 - Underwriting

  1. Are officers required to wear body cameras?*

  2. Do you have a Body Cam policy in place?*

  3. Is body camera training involved before and annually?*

  4. How long are body camera recordings stored?*

  5. Are procedures in place to prevent tampering and editing of footage?*

  6. Can and/or do your Code Enforcement officers carry any of the following?*

  7. Is a Self-Defense policy/training in place regarding using any of the above?*

  8. Any Code Enforcement in the Law Enforcement department?*

  9. Do you only lease out (lessor's risk only) land/structures to an airport?

  10. If so, do you require the airport owner to provide a certificate of insurance and an additional insured endorsement?

  11. Do you operate an airport?

  12. If so, do you purchase commercial airport insurance?

  13. Do you provide any fixed based operations?

  14. Have you purchased commercial insurance for your fixed based operations?

  15. Is the airport a separate legal intity from the local government?

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