Claims Committee


  • Abigail McNinch, Chair
    Town of Denton

  • David Warrington, Vice-Chair
    Town of Cheverly
  • Scott A. Hancock, Ex-Officio
    Maryland Municipal League
  • Michael J. Sanderson, Ex-Officio
    Maryland Association of Counties
  • N. Lynn Board
    City of Gaithersburg
  • Bryan C. Ebling
    Caroline County
  • Leslie Knapp
    Maryland Association of Counties
  • Don Satterfield
    Dorchester County
  • John Stevens
    Charles County
  • Cheril (Sherry) Thomas
    Talbot County
  • Oden C. Wheeler
    City of Cambridge

About the Committee

The Claims Committee reviews and monitors strategy for litigation and settlement of LGIT claims, makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees and provides information regarding claims, procedures, litigation management and claims loss ratios.