Claims - General Information

Department of Claims Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Claims Services is to ensure prompt, fair and efficient delivery of claims related services within the parameters of LGIT coverages and existing legal principles.

Staff of the Department of Claims Services include:
  • Tia Nicole Bowman, Director of Claims Services - Tia supervises all claims activities and litigation management.

Member Assignments for Litigation Analysts

Contact the following people for lawsuits, law enforcement claims and public officials claims:

Contacts Counties & Sponsored Municipalities
Baltimore - Garrett Aberdeen - Grantsville
Elizabeth Martinez Howard - Worcester Greenbelt - Williamsport

Claims Analysts

Warren Baskerville Claims Analyst
Clyde Bessicks Claims Analyst
Charise Henderson Claims Staff Associate
Hollis Henry Claims Analyst
Winter Jordan Claims Analyst
Dalas Salters Claims Analyst
Dorie Schwartz Senior Claims Analyst/Property Claims Manager