DART Simulator - Reservation Request

The DART firearms simulator is a highly portable and customizable firearm training simulator that promotes readiness and situational awareness through frequent and enhanced tactical training. DART achieves these results through a combination of leading simulation technology and practical instruction conducted in a realistic setting.  The simulator allows departments to practice vital firearms skills with unmatched frequency. It can be set up in virtually any indoor room and it’s easy enough to use without a dedicated software administrator. Between visits to the range, you’ll be training in a cutting-edge environment that doesn’t require travel, time off or ammunition to use. And because it’s completely safe, you’ll be able to practice skills that are prohibitive in a live-fire range.  

The simulator can only be reserved for a maximum of 3 consecutive days at a time per agency, but may be reserved multiple times throughout the year, depending upon availability.

Reservation Time
: Up to 3 days