Law Enforcement Memorial Training Grant

Law Enforcement Memorial Training Grant Information

This specialized training grant is designed for LGIT members' law enforcement agencies to provide certification training for new police officer recruits. The annual amount awarded is $5000 to provide training for one police recruit who will be employed by a Trust member law enforcement agency. Grant funds are award to the local government member and may be used to send the designated individual to a state approved police academy training facility and can cover costs related to travel, lodging, course fees and training materials. This grant will be limited to one local government and one candidate per fiscal year.

The Risk Management Committee will review all grant applications and make their award determination based on the strength of the member's application and need of the applying agencies.

The grant is awarded to the LGIT member not the recruit candidate.

Grant applications will be reviewed at the Risk Management’s fall meeting, and the grant will be formally awarded at the LGIT Annual Meeting.

Grant awards are final and non-transferable.

Grant Follow Up

The Trust reserves the following as follow up to a grant award:
  • The recruit candidate must successfully complete all requirements and become a police officer with the member agency that submitted the grant application.
  • The recruit candidate, after successful completion of training, must serve a minimum of three years with the sponsoring member law enforcement agency.
  • If the recruit candidate leaves the employment of the sponsoring member prior to the three year service time, the officer will reimburse the member agency on a prorated basis ($140 per month) of time still outstanding toward the amount ($5,000) of the original grant.

Apply for the Grant

To apply for the grant, complete the Online Law Enforcement Memorial Training Grant Application.